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The end of Prohibition: in pics


The “Noble Experiment”

Prohibition, or “the Noble Experiment,”  as it was called by supporters took place between 1919 and 1933. During this period, the sale, manufacture, and distribution of alcohol were illegal in the United States. However, drinking alcohol was never made illegal under federal law. Nationwide prohibition did not begin in the United States until 1920, when the Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution went into effect, and was repealed 14 long years later with the ratification of the Twenty-first Amendment.


In pics: The 1950s greatest racing car drivers

history of racing cars

The story of Formula One car racing began more than six decades ago in the 1950s. Inevitably it was a very different sport then, with safely a minor consideration. In fact, even though the cars had front-mounted engine blocks and drum brakes, seat belts were non-existent. Unsurprisingly, this lead to many deaths and drivers of those early F1 cars needed to be as brave as they were skilled. Here’s five fantastic drivers who fulfilled both those criteria.


Legendary skater girls who rocked the world


Patti McGee was born on August 23, 1945 at Santa Monica and like most skateboarders at the time, she says that she “started out as a surfer, so when there was no surf my friends and I would find a hill to ride. That’s how I started skating”. McGee, who grew up in Southern California, was an avid surfer and begged her mom to take her to the beach to catch the waves. When skateboarding entered the scene, McGee found a new freedom and, in 1962, she started skateboarding with a “Bunbuster” by Cooley, during the Easter vacations when she was at the Hollywood Teen Fair.